Manchester Terrier Health

The Manchester Terrier is very hardy and one of the most genetically healthy breeds of pedigree dog.

They do not have the myriad of genetic mutations which can lead to disease and even death. Some breeds should also have their hips & elbows ‘scored’ prior to breeding.

Of course all dogs, like us humans, can become unwell from picking up infections and viruses. But a good diet, sufficient exercise, yearly vaccinations, regular worming and avoiding areas where dogs have been known to become ill, will keep a Manchester Terreir as healthy as possible. Also a good and trustworthy vet is worth their weight in gold!

von Wilebrands Disease - Type 1 is the only known genetic disease in the Manchester Terrier and is non-life threatening.

It is characterized by the abnormally low production of a protein found in the blood called von Willebrand's factor. This plays a key role in the complex process of clotting a damaged blood vessel. Even a dog with an ‘affected’ status will still produce enough von Wilebrand factor for platelet adhesion.

A simple non evasive (mouth swab) DNA test is available from vetGen which will only need to be carried out once in a dogs lifetime. The results will show as follows:

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All Manchester Terriers can be mated safely if one parent is vWD Type 1 Clear

Read Dr Jeff Sampsons 

von Willbrand talk here

Other Health


 Renal (Kidney) Failure in the Manchester Terrier has been recognised for many years. It may appear at any time in a dog’s life and will often result in an early death. Once diagnosed, there is very little that one can do as there is no cure, but special veterinary diets may help to prolong the quality of life if the disease is diagnosed early enough. 

The form of renal disease is not yet understood nor is the mode of inheritance. We do not even know if the Renal Failure found in the Manchester Terrier is genetic. However deaths have been noted in young & middle aged dogs which would indicate a genetic trait.

The British Manchester Terrier Club is currently working with the Animal Health Trust. We hope this will lead to research into the cause of Renal Failure in the Manchester, and if genetic, a DNA test. 

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