The beginnings of our wonderful journey

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Real Espana At Rattustrap

Diesel    born 10th May 2016    vWD Carrier

Megellan Flash Harry x Eaglespur Pansy

Breeder: Mrs D. Liddiard

Our first Manchester Terrier who, though not a show girl herself, has produced quality top winning progeny.

Diesel gave us the strong foundation needed for any breeding plan.

megellan rumble in rattustrap

Boycee   Born 3rd February 2018  vWD Clear

Eaglespur Meteor x Mimbre Minx to Megellan

Breeder: Mrs B. O'Neill

Boycee, our pocket rocket, had the spark for showing and loved being out there! But it sure was hard sometimes to curb his enthusiasm. 

egloshayle sea sprite of rattustrap jw shcm

Gladys   Born 16th November 2009   vWD Clear

Ch Newtonian Slim Shady x Ch Egloshayle Black Samphire

Breeder: Mr & Mrs Palmer

Our beautiful Gladys who taught us so much about this fantastic breed. She was gentle, sweet, loving, obstinate, difficult, fun and quirky. Gladys could make you tear your hair out one minute, make you howl with laughter the next minute & fill you with pride the next. 

Sadly we lost Gladys in 2017. She is sorely missed but will always be in our hearts

rattustrap black sheep jw

Dave   Born 17th February 2010   WD Clear

Real Espana At Rattustrap x Megellan Rumble in Rattustrap

Dave is the first Rattustrap puppy from our breeding that we kept. We were hoping for great things in the ring but Dave had other plans. He hated showing!!! But he did manage a Breed Club Best in Show win, an RCC and a Junior Warrant before we retired him at a very young age.

Dave has produced some fantastic progeny for us at Rattustrap and he is found in pedigrees the world over.

Dave is now neutered and enjoying retirement!

You will find our four foundation dogs in the pedigrees of all Rattustrap Manchesters…..with the addition of new lines for genetic diversity.

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