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So, You want a Manchester Puppy?

Bringing a puppy into your life is a very important decision, a decision that could be in your life for 14+ years! 

You will want to know that the puppy you buy is from someone where the health and welfare of their dogs and of the puppies that they breed are paramount. 

We at Rattustrap are ‘UKAS Kennel Club Assured Breeders’ and are  committed to meeting and maintaining the high standards set by scheme. 

All of our Rattustrap Manchesters live with us as family members and our puppies are born and reared in our home where they become accustomed to the hustle and bustle of family life. A home where these wonderful bundles of energy and fun are fully ready for their new adventure!

Every mating that we plan is carefully considered so…… breeding for good temperaments, for healthy, for happy, for true to breed standard, and for the most ‘Fit for Function’ Manchester Terriers that we can. We also understand that sensible breeding practices, ensuring genetic diversity is extremely important because maintaining genetic diversity maintains the health of the breed population.…..if you do not have diversity, a breed has no longevity.

At Rattustrap we will not breed to a dog just because it is the current ‘big show winner’ nor because we have a dog at home that we can use. We will only use those dogs at stud, if, they are the best match for one of our girls.

With only being part of the breed for a short period of time in its long history, we take our responsibilities as custodians of the Manchester Terrier very seriously and we would always aim to leave the breed in a better position than we we arrived into it.



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